Terms and Conditions


Currently, only two levels of Tae Bo® Certification are offered, Basic and Advanced.


Becoming a Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor is a challenging, yet may be a very rewarding achievement. Whether fitness is your preference or your passion, the rewards you receive will always equal the effort you give. Tae Bo® Fitness is committed to the success of it’s certified instructors. Everyone starts at the beginning as a Tae Bo® Fitness Basic Instructor and has the ability to progress to an Advanced Instructor by attending an Advanced Certification Camp. With continued practice, dedication, and belief, every instructor has the ability to become an Advanced Instructor.

Obtaining an instructor certificate requires purchasing attendance to a certification camp (Basic or Advanced ONLY), submitting all required documents, attending and successfully completing the entire training sessions, passing the on-line test and securing an official CPR certificate. To keep your instructors status active, you must attend the Tae Bo® Fitness Conference every other year.

  • TAE BO® BASIC – Every Tae Bo® Certified Instructor starts at the beginning, or in Tae Bo® Basic. Remember, that in order to become an expert of anything, you have to start at the beginning! This class teaches the technique and fundamentals of the original cardio-kickboxing class that started it all. This workout will teach you the fundamentals of Tae Bo® Fitness as well as the proper techniques used. Tae Bo® Basic is the beginning footwork, kicks, punches, jabs, and combinations.

FEE – $395 annually. (Eligible for Advanced Certification after 2-years).

  • TAE BO® ADVANCED – Successfully completing Tae Bo® Basic is a requirement! Once you’ve mastered the basics, Tae Bo® Advanced will take your ability to the next level with a rejuvenated style of cardio. It is a series of advanced kicks, punches, and combinations that will challenge you physically and mentally.

FEE – $495 every 2-years.


  • MUST be at least 18 years of age.
  • MUST be in good health.
  • MUST have a current CPR Certificate.
  • MUST keep your certification valid/up-to-date.
  • In order to renew your certification, you must take the on-line exam and receive a grade of 75 or above by answering 38 or more questions correctly. You MUST take a physical workshop conducted by Billy Blanks. This is an intense one or two day, eight hour per day program, based on your certification level.
  • BASIC CERTIFICATION is for new instructors only who want to become Tae Bo® certified, and will follow the requirements outlined above. Basic Certification will require a 2 day, 8 hour/day  training workshop with Billy Blanks. After maintaining your Basic Certification in good standing for a period of 2 years, you will be eligible to move up to the Advanced Certification level.
  • All Advanced instructors will be required to complete the above requirements as well, and attend the Tae Bo® Fitness 2- day Workshop (every other year).


  • Comprehensive understanding and knowledge of group leadership and the general components of group exercise as used in conjunction with Tae Bo® Basic.
  • The ability to apply the Tae Bo® Basic movements in a safe and appropriate class setting.
  • Determine and execute appropriate routines to safely prevent injury or aggravations of any previously suffered injury.
  • Design and implement the safe and effective exercise progressions to ensure improvement from level to level.
  • To define “the burn” and how it affects performance.
  • To define the basic anatomy and functions of the body and their importance during exercise.

As a certified Tae Bo® Basic Instructor, you are responsible to assist your students and their workout progression, for example – increasing to Tae Bo® Advanced. There is no magical answer to the question of when a student is ready to progress to Advanced; it is ultimately a personal decision. However, your job is to properly educate your students. The purpose of Tae Bo® Basic is to build a strong fitness foundation. Taking the time to learn everything you can about Tae Bo® Basic will allow you to get the most out of any other version of Tae Bo® Fitness you pursue in the future.



As a Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor, you are responsible to follow the usage rules and guidelines as set forth by the USPTO (The United States Patent and Trademark Office), and all other registrations when representing and acknowledging Tae Bo® Fitness and all collective branches of the Brand. 

In addition; you are required to report any illegal usage of these protected marks to the Tae Bo® Fitness Corporate Office at info@taebo.com as soon as it is discovered.

The trademark may not be used in connection with any other products or services without the written consent of Tae Bo® Fitness. Under NO circumstances shall any Tae Bo® Logo be used to manufacture and/or sell products without written consent from Tae Bo® Fitness.


In the United States, Tae Bo® Fitness and all collective variations of the Brand, is a Federally Registered Trademark of Billy Blanks. Tae Bo® Fitness has filed for a variety of trademarks for logos associated with the Brand in the United States and Internationally and already owns the Tae Bo® Fitness trademark registration in most countries. The correct use of the Tae Bo® Fitness Trademarks helps to differentiate it from other companies and their fitness programs.



Anytime a product, service, or affiliated member of Tae Bo® Fitness is mentioned in print, it MUST be in conjunction with at least the GENERIC trademark standards. This generic trademark policy requires the use of “Tae Bo® Fitness” as a general organization versus any specific branch of the trademark name, for example; Tae Bo® Basic, Tae Bo® Advanced, Tae Bo® Core, or Tae Bo® Extreme, etc.  The trademark indicators ® and ™ MUST ALWAYS be used after the registered logos, names, and/or symbols.


Do not change the spelling, insert hyphens, include descriptive word references, or combine two words to make one. For example; “TAEBO® is amazing”, is NOT PERMITTED. Tae Bo® Fitness Trademarks are NOT allowed to be used as nouns or verbs. For example; it is acceptable to say, “I love the Tae Bo® Fitness Program”, but it is UNACCEPTABLE to say, “I Love Tae Bo® Fitness”.


You may not use the Tae Bo® Fitness trademark, or any collective mark of the Brand as the name of the company, trade, or establishment. However, you can state that you offer Tae Bo® classes, or that you will be hosting a special Tae Bo® Fitness event, but when doing either of these, then you must be specific about the class or event that you are promoting and use the appropriate logos to advertise.


Please email us at info@taebo.com

Tae Bo® reserves the right to modify, update and/or remove anything contained in these TERMS. Please check periodically these TERMS to stay current.


Tae Bo® reserves the right to cancel any certificate holder if he or she in any way acts in any criminal or fraudulent way. The integrity of the Tae Bo® name and the instructors holding Tae Bo® certifications is a privilege and individuals must conduct themselves in an ethical, moral way while teaching or displaying Tae Bo® in any capacity.

Tae Bo® certification must be renewed by termination date, or you will not be permitted to present yourself as a Tae Bo® instructor.

There will only be two levels of certification offered – BASIC and ADVANCED.

Advanced Instructors fee is $495 for 2-years, and $395 annually for a Basic Instructors fee.

For questions, please email info@taebo.com.

The on-line course will be part of the 4 requirements you must meet in order to obtain your certification: on-line course to be taken over a 30-day period from the date of signing up; obtaining a valid CRP certificate, and attending a physical Tae Bo® class where you will receive your official certificate upon successful completion of all the stated requirements.

The actual physical certification classes will be held in various parts of the United States. Schedule will be posted on www.taebo.com.